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How can you tell when a Leo Woman is jealous?

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One thing you might not like about the Leo woman is that she keeps pictures of all her past boyfriends and keeps the keepsakes from them. You simply can’t get her to burn these things, she’s such a sentimental woman. So what happens when a Leo woman is jealous? What are the signs of a jealous Leo woman? Let’s have a look!

The lion woman is not a wallflower, but a sunflower. She could be very likable, she could be the leader of those around her, dominating others like a queen, she’s so versatile.

The confident Leo girlfriend loves are extremely prideful, so it’s harder for her to admit that she’s jealous, but it can still be seen through her words and actions.

It is extremely shameful for a lion to be jealous, they wouldn’t do such a thing. Even if it is something that makes them angry, they will be calm and will not show the turbulence in their hearts.

At the same time, they will seriously think about whether it is their own problem or the other party’s problem. In such a situation, boys should try to get close to them and understand the situation well.

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Leo women are actually strong on the outside but tender on the inside. When it comes to being jealous, you may not even notice that they will be jealous at all, not to mention that it may be even more difficult for a Leo woman to admit that she is jealous.

After all, being jealous can also be an awkward thing. Leo women will not admit that they are jealous anytime and anywhere, and will always struggle with their own psychology. When it comes to their jealousy, only they know it themselves.

When it comes to Leo’s jealousy index, it may reach more than 80%, because Leo women are very jealous. Once their beloved is entangled with other people of the opposite sex, they’ll often be in a foul mood.

They might be silent, or they might pick on you for every little thing. They’ll always feel very uncomfortable in their minds, but they’re prideful and are reluctant to express their jealousy because of their pride, and Leos are also usually quite possessive which makes their jealousy even harder to bear.

When you’re in love, being jealous could mean that you care about the other person more, this is the same for Leo women. They don’t know how to express their emotions, and their self-esteem is also very strong. No matter when they are, they are reluctant to show their bad side.

They’re afraid of being ignored by others, the Leo woman will become a little self-pity when she is jealous. When you notice this, don’t hesitate to give her a gentle hug.

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What happens when a Leo Woman is jealous

1. Being extraordinarily polite

If a Leo Woman finds a suspicious person getting close to her lover, she will take an alternative coping method, and this kind of extra politeness that can make a man feel frightened can directly keep him from a thousand miles away.

And the boys can feel the woman’s strong jealousy from her unusual demeanor and attitude, and they will think twice before they act, and finally take the initiative to break the deadlock and do something heartwarming to reconcile.

2. Dressing up

Leo Women are very confident in their every move, but they also need the affirmation of others. If you don’t notice her making the effort to dress up, or don’t give them special praise, she’ll probably be in bad mood and pick fights out of trivial things.

3. Turn Jealousy into positive energy

Leos are extremely prideful, they usually won’t get jealous over little things, because they feel that it’s quite embarrassing, and even if they are jealous, they will procrastinate and wonder how she has allowed her feelings to be “taken advantage” of by people with ulterior motives.

Leo women will never admit that they are jealous. They are very confident in their every move. But it’s not impossible to find out if they are jealous.

Leo women will display obvious weakness when they are jealous. They will show obvious signs of self-pity and need to be comforted, evens such strong women will have a very vulnerable side.


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